New release!!!

* Our, if we are allowed to say so GREAT new vinyl is out, two tracks on a beautiful picture disc 12″. Released on Höga Nord, which is one of the most promising new labels in Sweden at the moment. The release is limited to 300 copies so don´t snooze!

* A 43 minutes long tape with three songs from the Lyckobo-session mixed together as two long tracks each filling one side, complicated…nah, just good old FMD psych-jams!
Released by the amazing Zeon Light.

* Finally! Our first vinylsingle is out!!! Rundgång Rekords in Malmö have the good taste to release this two track single with a great coverart from Martin Daun. Comes in 300ex so dont snooze! Order from us for 6€ + postage [the little but oh so annoying thing is that the labels have changed side, titletrack "Psykjunta" should be the Wolfside and other way around...but the music sounds as great anyway!]

* A new tape was released before the summer, a GREATEST HITS [Live] on Ljudkassett.






* In July we stayed in a cottage in the woods of Småland, recording A LOT of new material. Hopefully some of it will be released later on this year or early in 2015.






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